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11 Effective Ways To Increase SEO of Your Website

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If you’re really looking on how to how to improve SEO of your website then you should really know how much SEO can have impact on your traffic.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial factor as to where your page is ranked in any search engine.

Having a good SEO not only ensures more organic traffic but also makes sure that you can reach and stay at the top of any searches that people may perform under your keywords.

When people are searching for something in any search engine, they rarely tend to go more than one page of the search results and the higher your page rank is, the more likely people are going to click it.

So the following suggestions are ways in which you effective immediately start upon improving your SEO and get better page rankings.


1.  Make use of alt tags

Whenever you include any media such as photos or videos you should always make sure to use the alt descriptions. When you use them then the search engine will able to locate your images under that certain tag.

That way, your website gets indexed in images search as well when you use proper descriptions for them instead of using none.


alt description image


2. Make proper use of links tags

When you are using links to redirect your reader to your other contents then you really shouldn’t using “click here” but instead try to write out the keyword to which you are linking so that it can have some search engine values. As “click here” basically has no meaning as a keyword.

So, you should really make sure to use descriptive link tags which state out where you are going to be redirecting your readers. So it can really be used to improve upon your SEO.


3. Page load speed

The Google and Bing algorithm really takes your page loading speed into account when ranking your page and it can really have a drastic effect on your page’s SEO.

People don’t really like to be kept waiting and may leave your site if it even takes an extra second to load. That’s just how people are so what you have to focus on is improving upon your page speed. The various reasons for pages to load slow are when you are using too many plugins. When your images aren’t optimized it might take a while for them to load as well.

The last thing you could try to do is to reduce the number of redirects you perform cause it can drastically slow down your page loading.

Check out your page speed with the help of Google’s awesome PageSpeed Insights.


Google PageSpeed insights


4. Using Proper Outbound Links

If you really want to make your content more useful and really relevant, you can try to link them to well respected sites that really has value to Google. Doing this will make Google trust you more and further improve your SEO ranking.

However this doesn’t mean that you should throw outbound links to any tags that you find in your post cause having too many out links can make your content really hard to look through and really confuse the reader as to what they are reading through.


5. CHECK broken links

The one thing that really hurts upon your SEO is when you are using broken links that get an error 404 or in other words “a page not found error”.

If your site has got a large number of broken links then it goes on to show the search engine that your contents are not managed regularly and you don’t really care much about them and with this your page will be ranked further back.


6. Mobile Optimization

Nowadays as more people are browsing the internet through their mobile phones. Google has started to penalize any site that doesn’t focus on optimizing their website for mobile usages. You can search and see the results from Google Webmasters to check how mobile friendly your page is.


7. Sharing on Social Medias

The number of likes, shares or Tweets and Pins that you can get on your page has a drastic effect on how search engines ranks you.

So, it’s a really good idea to make sure that you add social media plugins onto your site to make easier to share your contents and this can really help you rank higher in search engines. If you use WordPress then there are many plugins that you can get started from. The one that I really like and am using is sociable.


social media


8. Make really High Quality Contents

You should always give your visitors a chance to visit more in your website. They really need to understand and believe that your content can give more value to them and really help them.

So for increasing your traffic and to improve your SEO you need to give people a reason to keep coming back and you will only be able to do so if your content is really good that it attracts more people and gets people’s attention and makes them want to learn more from you.

So, when people really bookmark your website then it can really improve upon your SEO.


9. Make sure your site is readable

When you’re writing your content, don’t try to make it seem like you’re writing on a thesis for your PhD or use fancy words that only doctors, lawyers can understand. Well, if you’re writing a document on those topics then you might as well do that.

But if you’re targeting everyday people and really want most of the people to read through your content then you should use simpler words that anyone will be able to understand and also make your contents digestible by breaking them into several paragraphs.

Doing so will make your content look more neat and people will prefer reading through your short, broken paragraphs instead of long paragraphs that looks like you’re writing an essay.


10. Provide Contact Information

Whenever you can’t seem to find ways to contact someone on a website then you feel that something is definitely fishy and really might just feel that they may not be legit and are not trustworthy.

And if people don’t trust your site then they may really report your site and that is the last thing that you would really want to be happening cause it will just decrease your SEO.


contact form


11. Remove duplicate contents

Duplicate contents most of the times are related to technical issues and happens when you have got a HTTP and HTTPS version of your site running. Google sees this as duplicate content and sees that many instance of your site with same content.

You can remove this by using proper redirect rules.



So, I really hope that you  can work upon the above things I have mentioned. Furthermore what you should understand is that no matter how good your content maybe, it always takes time to see results so expecting instant results can be your worst enemy as most people tend to be demotivated when they don’t see results in a matter of days or weeks.

So, my advice for you is to hang tight and really believe that you are going to make it cause doing so ensures that you can really get started onto promoting your contents and really have an impact online.

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