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5 Proven Strategies To Get More YouTube Views

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If you are just getting started on your YouTube channel or already have a channel with some subscribers. Then you are probably wondering on how you can get more YouTube views for free or how you could get more views by YouTube recommending your videos to other people.

Then this is the post for you where I will be talking about how to improve click through rates on your videos so you should really take action on these different strategies that I will be talking about which you could use to immediately start seeing results.

So here are 5 proven ways you can use to get more views on YouTube:


1. Choosing the right tags for SEO

You may remember that whenever you are searching for a video in YouTube with some keywords, all the results that pops up aren’t always related to that video and this goes on to show that the search we make in YouTube aren’t completely about about video title or even our video description.

So whenever you are choosing the tags for your videos, first make sure that you know what your audience will be searching for.

If people are interested about gaming videos then you should consider what sort of search they will be performing. Will it be about funny gaming moments, best gaming moments or even a really popular gamer playing that certain game.

When you choose the right tags for your videos then you will naturally be increasing your YouTube ranking when people search for those specific keywords that you have used.

I can show you the advantages of using proper keywords from the following image.

increase youtube views free

As you can see when I performed a search on “best gaming moments” then a video with only 27k views was recommended and below that was a video with 20M views!! So, this should make plenty of proof as to how choosing the right keyword will rank your videos higher.

2. Choosing really EYE Catching Thumbnails

The most important thing that determines if a viewer is going to be clicking on your video is really about whether your thumbnail catches their eyes. If your thumbnail really describes your video or makes shocking claims then people are more than likely to choose your videos over others.

make money online

making money online

The two video thumbnails are both about making money online and as you can see that the image on the left looks more appealing cause it describes what the video is going to be about right in the thumbnail which is plain and simple yet very effective.

What’s more, you can actually see that the image on the right doesn’t really describe the video at all and it in fact looks even less appealing and people won’t really be clicking the video at all unless it has got a really good video title which is another important thing to get more views.

As most people do read the titles of the video when they don’t find much description on your video thumbnails.


3. Post a lot when starting out

If you have just been getting started on YouTube for less than a day or a month. It is really necessary that you not directly focus on quality for the first few videos that you are going to be making but instead focus on production speed. So when people visit your channel they will see that you have a lot of content to offer which by chance increases the probability of them subscribing to your channel and also viewing your contents.

So, you should really make sure as to posting somewhat frequently when just starting out because it will definitely improve the chances of YouTube recommending your videos to other people when it sees that you are someone that posts content on a regular basis.

If you are someone that has already got a lot of contents, you should really focus and check upon improving the quality of your videos and from then on also update the titles of your videos regularly so that people won’t be feeling that the video is outdated which makes them not want to view them. People like seeing fresh contents, something that they have never seen before so you should really focus on that.

4. Go with viral Trends

This is probably one of the best ways in which you could improve your video views. You should really look up to what is the most trending nowadays and really just go about doing it. But you should find clever ways on how you will be presenting those trends on your videos, this will really make sure that your videos get more views.

As there will be more people who will searching for contents that are really trending nowadays, this will effectively increase the chances of people finding your content. But since most people will be applying this very same thing that I talked about here, which is trying to go with the ongoing trends which can really make up for a hard competition so you should find better ways to promote your videos by using really catchy headlines that attracts your viewers and also use really good thumbnails like I have discussed above.

5. Do Giveaways

This can prove to be a rather important way in which you could get more views to your videos, when you are going to give away more free stuff to your audience then you will likely increase your audience by a lot. This can also work out on getting more subscribers to your channel. When you do this, more people will watch your videos just to check whether they got the giveaway that you were doing.

If your channel is about gaming, then you could do giveaways on free Steam Gift cards or any other type of free giveaways according to your channel niche. This really makes sure that you will attract more people to your channel as people always enjoy getting free stuffs.

Thus, it is a really effective technique by which you could really improve upon getting more views as well subscribers to your channel.

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Thanks and have a good day.


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