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5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

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Today I am going to be covering about how to increase traffic to a new website and why website traffic matters. I also do mention some ways to boost your website traffic for FREE.

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So let’s get started on some ways in which you can get started in increasing traffic to your website.

So here is a brief overview of what I will be talking about in this post.


increase traffic to your website


Now that you have grasped some information on what I’m going to be talking on this post. I can thoroughly explain each and one of these so that you can learn about them fully.

1. Write Compelling Headlines

A compelling headline is how you attract people to clicking on your page, it is how you can sell your content. If you really want your content to be read and rank in search engines then using really good headlines that hook people into reading more is the way to go. I have already covered about writing really eye catching headlines on an another post so I won’t be talking about it much here and you check out it out for more information.


2. Write Better Content

The second way to really grab people after a compelling headline is to write really good content that catches people’s attention. If you just use click bait or the viewers aren’t interested in your content then that will be lost traffic for you and lost conversions if you are trying to sell them products.

Some ways in which you can really get the viewers hooked in are:-


a. Tell Stories

When you tell a story and connect with your readers emotionally then it can drive them to take action. Adding a story to your content really hooks readers in, explains a problem and then also prove arguments.

b. Read your content aloud when editing

Even when you think you have written the best content, when you read it out yourself it may not always sound nice. By reading your content aloud, you can discover any erroneous phrases or sentences that don’t make much sense.

c. Use shorter paragraphs

When you use longer paragraphs usually more than 3-4 lines, it doesn’t seem as much readable and people will lose their attention span on longer paragraphs so make sure that you do write each paragraph with less than 5-6 lines.

d. Hook readers in from the beginning

Most people’s attention span is really low so if you don’t hook them from the beginning, they are just going to be going away from your site. If you can hook them by teasing the benefits of the article, doing the things mentioned above like telling a story and having really content really helps on that.


3. Using Social Media the Right Way

Social media is a really big key when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. What needs to be made sure first and foremost is that you share your content the right way so that you can get the highest increase in your traffic.

increase traffic to your website

Some best tips to sharing your content so that you can get the most engagement, shares and traffic are:

a. Don’t be Spammy

When it comes to not getting steam on your post the first time you post it, you shouldn’t be trying to re post it again and again.

This is somewhat a spammy behavior and turns away your audience. So instead aim for a good mix of social media content – share blog posts and videos, as well as content from other influencers and also provide interesting and value-engaging contents.

b. Create a sharing schedule

What you want to be doing next is seeing how often you are sharing on social media. This is where a sharing schedule comes into play. This schedule helps to keep you organized so that you’re not over sharing or under sharing your content.

c. Add sharing button to your website

Sharing out your content the right way is important and if the audience share the content right from your website then that is more free traffic for you. There are plenty of free social media share buttons on WordPress.

Some good options are:-

Sumo Share App

Shared Counts

Simple Social Icons

d. Using Quora Efficiently

Using Quora is one of the best ways to get traffic back to your website and one of the best way to becoming an authority in your industry.

You should really get started into using Quora, for it provides you with a free way to help others reach out to you. You can post your sites links on Quora and help people redirect to your site.

Quora is a site where people basically ask questions and you post your answers and if you post good answers that is liked by the community then you can receive a big boost in traffic.


4. Implement a Strong SEO Strategy

What you want with your site is not just more traffic, you would also want more traffic from potential customers or people that are searching for a solution that you can offer. The best indication of that can be organic traffic. It is when people are searching for something and your page is the one of the top ranked. So in essence – it is traffic driven by search.

About 70-80% of people rely on organic results when searching for a solution. So organic traffic can really, really boost your traffic when you tend to understand what exactly the searcher will be most likely searching for, the term we use for that is keyword and keyword researching is the best way to go. A really strong keyword research tool that can give all the insights to traffic generated per month and also the competition is Jaaxy.


5. Advertise

This may seem like an obvious choice to increase your site traffic. Paid search, social media advertising and displaying advertising are really good ways to increase more viewers to your website. There are many ways to run advertisements some of them include Paid Search, social media advertising and displaying your landing pages.

With proper SEO and good landing pages and good contents, there isn’t a doubt that your site will reach out to more people but the difference with advertising is like upgrading your car and generating web traffic much, much quicker than organic traffic alone would be able to do. PPC Traffic are the ones that usually convert more than 50 percent higher than organic traffic.


Native Advertising or paying for your content to appear in famous sites like CNN is also a really great way to increase your website traffic.


So, these are my top recommendations and ways in which I’ve been able to increase more traffic to my website and I am pretty sure that you can achieve this too if you just give in your time and some effort.

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So, Don’t wait for the opportunity, Create it.


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18 thoughts on “5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

  1. Awesome InformationThis is a very timely blog post! I really love the way you outlined the ways you can increase traffic to your website. I had always wanted to know more on how to increase traffic to my site, I have read some articles but most of them are not helping at all. I must say this is an eye opener; and I have learnt a lot from this.This is the most extensive article i have ever read.Thanks for your indepth analysis.

  2. Traffic generation can be a nagging problem, especially to newbies in the blogging or online affiliate marketing world. This post really goes a long way in trying to address any difficulties they will encounter.

    I absolutely agree with the views you’ve expressed in this post. I believe you have to create compelling content to keep your audience attracted. You also have to know how to make use of keywords research tools like jaaxy. 

    There’s no underestimating the power of social media., The sheer traffic that grazes social media platforms, would surely be a plus for your website. However, it’s best to make use of social media channels conversant to your blog content and niche.

  3. Nice article. Compelling headlines are very efficient. The only problem is people make headlines abusively in the name of compelling. Some headlines are never near the content in terms of intensity and sometimes reality even. Its beautiful that you listed “better content” immediately after it. I have learnt from this and hope others do

    1. Thanks for commenting, it’s actually just the reality of how other people offer click baits just to get more viewers on their site.

  4. Hi Madhav, having a website is great, however having a good source of traffic can be quite challenging. I agree with you entirely on writing good contents. Good contents will make your readers to keep coming back for more and this is a wonderful way of ranking top in Google. I love the idea of telling stories. Another great way is when you offer solution to their problems like tips, they will even go as far as bookmarking the page.Advertisement still goes a long way in helping one get traffic, the only thing is that some might not be able to afford this as it involves paying for advert but it is definitely a great way or getting traffic. Your article is great and insightful.

  5. Great suggestions! I’ve been trying to do more with social media, outside of Facebook. I’ve never gotten much traffic from there, compared to sharing links and such on Twitter. Quora is interesting, but I haven’t spent a lot of time there. I’m going to have to look into that some more, along with Pinterest, which I’ve also heard some good things about. A sharing schedule does sound like a great idea, especially for sites seem to have a hair-trigger for anything they deem to be spam. I’m going to bookmark this page for future reference, if you don’t mind. Sometimes I’m at a loss for ideas and it’s nice to have something I can read to remind me of what needs to be done.

  6. Thanks for sharing this article. This is really informative and helpful in increasing traffic to website and blog. I appreciate your time and effort to put all this together. Getting traffic to site has been the major challenges of blog and site owners and has been a result of poor content or compelling headlines as you mentioned. I am also trying to improve my blog with a good catchy headline. I will apply your points. Thanks a lot. 

  7. What a wonderful article.  Anyone trying to get website traffic should really take advantage and read this article over a few times.  I can concur that Quora is a great way to get website traffic.  The trick is you have to write great answers to the questions and then it will greatly help your traffic.Do not try and skimp the system with short answers and a bunch of links because that will just get you banned.Thank you for taking the time to put together the information for this great article.Dale

    1. Thanks you for commenting and I couldn’t agree more about Quora cause it definitely helps when you really well thought out articles that help other people.

  8. Traffic is the key factor for a successful online business. I have my website for a while now and feel it is very tough to attract traffic to my site. You give a informative review on how to increase traffic to our website. The five ways are valuable tools to enhance web traffics. 

    I have trouble in implementing SEO. Even though I went through software to select key words and incorporated the keywords into the article, after months my key words seldom appear in the google search. None of the key words I selected appeared in the first page of Google. How is your experience on SEO?

    1. Thanks for commenting, the thing about keyword can be quite tricky as the keywords that you think you have selected might not always be the ones that google decides to rank you with.

  9. Well, you’re right on about the headlines! Yours caught my eye, as I am working on improving this very issue right now. The 5 ways to increase traffic that you mention are each important to know and utilize.

    I am definitely lacking in the social media aspect of things. I’ve seen a lot of information lately on Quora. I haven’t looked into it yet, but because I am seeing it again here, I am reminded that I need to do so, learn more about it, and implement it into my traffic strategy.

    I also noticed that you mentioned PPC in your article, and that is another method that I have been meaning to explore. So you’ve given me a great reminder today of more ways to increase traffic to my website! Thanks.

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