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7 Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers Fast

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In this post I’m going to be talking about getting more YouTube subscribers. If you already have a YouTube channel up and running then that’s a plus point cause you might have some subscribers to start with. In that case, I am also going to be talking about how you can get more YouTube subscribers fast.

So, if you really want to build upon your audience then you can try out these 7 things and see the results for yourself:

1. Reply to Every Comment

This is one of the best thing that you can do to retain your current subscribers as well as build trust with your audience. When you start to reply to every comment that you get, it shows your audience that you really care about their opinions and it can definitely improve your relation with your audience wherein they might refer other people to your channel if they really like your content and that is more subscribers for you.

The more comments that are in your videos and the more you are actively replying to them, the more organic traffic you’re going to be getting from YouTube and you will also be getting more impressions.

2. Brand you Watermark as Subscribe Button

This is what most people are doing nowadays and you should really get started into doing this as well. What most people don’t realize is that you can replace your channel watermark with the Subscribe button instead. Doing so can really compel people to subscribe to you if they really like your content.

Since most water branding has almost no purpose it might as well be used to get you some extra subs cause every subs counts as they add value.

3. Go for Quality instead of Quantity

The number one advice that you may get from most people may be that “you should post a lot of videos daily”, well it turns out it’s not such a great advice and since most people do this, they make really boring contents and are really not able to make any of their contents good enough to be appreciated by their subscribers and it may turn out to have negative effect instead.

So, when making videos, decide and think upon how you can really engage your audience and not just post random videos that you give pretty much no thought about.

4. Make an awesome channel trailer

What really has the most impression on your channel is the channel intro that people watch when they visit your Channel. If people really like your Channel intro then there is a really high chance that they are going to be subbing to you. This is why it is really, really necessary to build an awesome channel intro. In fact you should really try your best and work more on improving on your Channel trailer than on any other videos that you might make.

Cause if people don’t like your Channel trailer then they will most likely assume that all the videos in your Channel is going to be the same and that might really not be a good thing for you.

5. Ask for Subscribers

This may sound like a really simple thing to do and you might even be considering why I bothered putting this here. But it has been found to be a really effective technique. Ask for your subscribers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and the end of your video and be surprised as to how many people will be willing to do so.

The thing you should really mention when asking for subs is the what, how and why principle.

You should tell them what to do and that is to subscribe to your channel.

You should then be telling them how they can do it? By simply clicking subscribe button below.

You should tell them why they should it? Cause you’re going to be posting more awesome videos like this.

Doing this will compel your viewers and urge them to subscribe to your channel.

6. Give Rewards or DO Giveaways

Whenever you are posting any video, make sure to announce that you’re going to be giving away some sort of prize.

In case of a gaming channel, you could do Steam gift card giveaways and there are many other giveaways that you could really do that will attract more viewers to your channel. Doing this is also more twice as likely to increase chances of people subscribing to your channel and really just have a good overall impact on your channel.

Please note that you should actually be giving away these rewards cause it can actually be beneficial to you in many ways. Like for example, if you decide to give away something then people are much more likely to spread the news about you to their friends and with the help of more people spreading the news about your channel.

You will have build a lot of subscribers by doing just that one simple thing.


7. Choose your Channel niche

If you don’t know what a niche is, then it is the type of category that you’re going to be focusing in. It is what your channel is going to be all about.

If your channel focuses on many aspects such as gaming, weather report, funny videos and many others then your viewers will get confused as to what your YouTube channel is all about and there is a more than likely chance that people are going to unsubscribe from you cause they might have subscribed to your channel because of the gaming video that they liked but now instead they have to watch something else.

Doing this can really set some people off and even unsubscribe from your channel straight away. When you decide to focus on just one category, be it gaming, marketing or anything else. You can also give more focus onto it and really have more of a positive correlation with growth of your channel and your learning curve will be exponential as you are only focusing on one thing and not on many things.

So, I really hope that you liked my article. If you did then please make sure to share it with your friends cause they might be really struggling with getting started on building out their YouTube channel as well.

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I hope you all have a great day.


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