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9 Effective Ways To Write Irresistibly Eye Catching Headlines

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Do you want your website to perform well and write really good headline that almost certainly most people would click .

Then in this post, I will be showing you how to write not just one good headline but consistently great headlines. So, let’s get started.

The following are the ways in which you could really improve your skill on coming up with creative headlines

1. Make a Bold statement

By introducing something shocking to your headline will almost always ensure high click through rates. So, think about ways in which you could really spice up your title and words in a way that you could almost instantly attract people.

2. Including numbers in your Headline

People are always inherently attracted to numbers and list since they are easy for the brain to process, and ensures the reader that the post will be easy to digest, so this technique has proven to be effective time and time again.

Numbers are also really great cause most people don’t like to be uncertain when they are about to do something, when you state a number then they will have already known the amount of content they have go through on that post and will make it easier on them.


3. Create a sense of urgency

People really tend to hate out on missing stuff, the fear of missing out is what drives most people into taking action. So when you instill a sense of urgency as an impression by giving people a date when a special offer is supposed to be over then you will make people urge to click through and take advantage of the limited time offer.


4. Do your keyword research

When deciding upon a headline, the factor that really changes on how many organic search you get from search engine is your use of keyword in your title.

So, before deciding upon a keyword you should really make sure that you do your keyword research properly cause you can have the best content but if your keyword doesn’t really fit among any searches that people might perform then that will drastically reduce your organic traffic source.

There are plenty of keyword research tools but my personal favorite is Jaaxy because it shows you the competition for the keyword, the number of average monthly searches and also you can brainstorm, alphabet soup and do many other things.


5. Write multiple headlines and vote upon the Best

This is personally what I like to do before I decide upon choosing a headline for any articles or presentations. Let yourself really have a complete brain analysis and dump all your ideas of headlines that you have and think about ways you could mix and match them up together.

Then share the top three to five best headlines with someone to ask on their opinion as well cause outside opinion does help. After doing this, you are much more likely to come with a clear mind.


 6. Standing out from the crowd

Whenever you are writing keywords you should always try to make sure that yours should be different from what most people are doing. Since, most of the people when writing articles go with a set of principles.

As everyone starts doing one thing the same way, those ways tends to lose impacts and becomes less effective. That’s why it’s not always necessary to go with what other peoples do. You should try to make yourself known trying out various implementations of strong words in your title.


7. What’s in it for the reader?

Think about whenever you are about to click an article, you might wonder and ask yourself the question, “What’s in it for me?”. Most people tend to be that way and so whenever you are writing a headline make sure to mention what’s in it for the reader otherwise people don’t tend to click your article.

You should also try to be really specific or more emotional with your headline that way people are drawn naturally.

Using emotional adjectives like Effortless, Pain Staking, Fun, Free, Incredible, Essential, Absolute and Strange is proven to connect with describing the reader’s problem.


8. Make a big promise

Have you ever clicked on a post that promised to deliver you on how you could be potentially “making $10k a month online” or even ways to “lose 5 pounds in a day”.

These are the type of content when I say big promise but you shouldn’t necessarily be just click baiting people into clicking your contents cause if people feel that you cannot deliver upon your promises they might never be visiting your site.

So make sure that you can actually live up to the promises that you make. So, you could offer you readers something valuable, something that they’ve never done before or even unlock an ancient mystery.

What you really want to be doing is dare you readers to read your articles and take action. Don’t over promise but be bold. Be really seductive and be dangerous, after that deliver upon what you promised.


9. Make Your Headlines APPROPRIATE to the Story

Choosing your headlines carefully is a must do cause when you are writing a humorous headline it may work out very well for a lighthearted article.

But it most certainly wouldn’t be appreciated for an article about a murder or something really bad happening that would make it seem like everything is a joke to you and people will tend to lose interest in your article just cause you didn’t think about your headline long enough.

You should also know when to capitalize cause you shouldn’t really be going around capitalizing every first word of the headline unless that’s your style of writing your headlines.


So, I really hope that this article has helped you get more insight into how you can choose a really good headline for your article. If you want to know more about using your headlines among other things to increase your websites traffic. You can check out my article on increasing traffic to your website.

Also, if you want to know how I make a full time passive income online then check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.

I really hope you have a good day and good luck on writing that article.

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