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Hello, my name is Madhav and I love affiliate marketing. I am not going to try to convince you that you can make money online easily or “make money fast” but instead talk to you through on how to get into the affiliate world and make sure that you can build a passive source of income.

This site is dedicated to helping anyone who wishes to making money online through affiliate marketing, online business and many other ways I have tested and which I have been using to make money online.


Growing up in my childhood, I always wanted to be someone that would be popular and respected and I’m pretty sure a lot of you were just the way that I was. When I was a child, I really had a deep interest in Computer Science and moving on to today, I have successfully completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering and now I have got a really deep interest in business applications of computers and that’s why I am here.

So, I heard about affiliate marketing not too long ago, it was perhaps a few years back and then I looked onto it. Since then, I have made a lot of efforts to learn everything there is to know about online marketing and sales and I would say that I have indeed come a long way since then.


My focus is getting to help people who want to earn a passive income online. I have doing this for some time now and it has greatly enhanced my life and made it much easier. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss on this opportunity cause this is how we can truly enjoy our life to the fullest – knowing that we are making an income while we sleep or while we are on holidays.


My main goal is so that everyone can get to enjoy life easily, we know the saying “Life can be hard”. That is only true if we allow it to dictate our action and not take actions against the things we can change and I personally believe that anyone can make a living online by knowing the different things that I have been able to gather upon my trials with many sites and methods.


The main goal that I have set out for myself is to bring a whole lot of reality into the affiliate marketing world. There are a lot of people trying to scam you or even click bait you into just selling you something which gives no value to you at all.

I am going to be giving you tips and help regarding different ways that I have learned to make money online and have a passive source of income. Which includes traffic generation methods, website development and design, affiliate marketing related products and services reviews, as well as straight up opinions that I feel need to be heard.

So, I hope you can join this journey with me. Ask me for help, offer me your  own opinions. Thanks for stopping by Super Affiliate Helper and listening to my story. Your story can be just as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.


I will admit to the fact that anyone can indeed make money online but I am not going to be saying that making money is easy or that you can get instant gratification. That is instant results and that is exactly when people stop, when they don’t see results in an hour, a day or a week even. I can promise that if you stick by your principles and have a really strong mindset regarding making money online then without a doubt you will start making money in a matter of time.

What you need the most is willpower and the dedication to go through the hard phase of starting and just take action cause our actions are the only thing that will lead us somewhere. We can study all we want till our mind becomes full but if we never take action, we won’t be able to achieve anything.

So that is why, your success story starts with you and not anyone else.

All the best,

Madhav Thapa


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