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Finding Keywords For SEO

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Ever wondered on how to find the best keywords for SEO that will surely get your content indexed and ranked in Google. Then in this post, I will be demonstrating on just how you can leverage the power of one of the most powerful keyword research tools out there.

The research tool I’m going to be talking about is Jaaxy. It is one of the most powerful keyword research tool available. You can check out my Jaaxy review. This gives an in depth review of all the features included in Jaaxy. You can try using Jaaxy for free right here to see all that it has to offer.



In this post, I will be demonstrating how you can maximize your potential to get ranked in Google by targeting very specific keywords. Jaaxy has many useful features such as Alphabet Souping, Site Rank, Brainstorming which gives currently trending ideas and much more.

If you still haven’t made a Jaaxy account yet, go ahead and create your Jaaxy account. It is free after all.

You can easily create your account and get started in seconds.


Jaaxy signup


Find The Best Keywords For SEO


Jaaxy Menu


You should be able to see the menu as shown in the above image after logging into your Jaaxy account. This is your home screen and you will be performing most of your keyword research right here.

To give an example of finding keywords that will be getting you ranked. I will now demonstrate by performing a search on Jaaxy which will give more insights to the keywords we could potentially be using.


jaaxy result


Here I have made a search on the keyword “best football”. As you can see that Jaaxy shows keywords matching the term and an overall insight as to how these keywords perform. I have already talked in detail about all the terms such as Avg, QSR, KQI, SEO in my finding the best keyword post.

So I will simply be stating what they are:

QSR – This refers to the amount of competition that you have under the keyword

KQI – This shows how well the keyword is performing

Traffic – This gives us a rough estimate of the amount of traffic we will be getting if our page is ranked first in Google

Avg – This estimates the average monthly search for the keyword

Now with the information that I have collected so far, I should be easily able to write a content choosing one specific keyword. Now the important thing to note when doing keyword research is not just spamming all the keywords in your post.

Your content would not really make any sense to people if you just focus solely on all the keywords and not writing a post that gives value. So that is something you should consider when thinking about when writing an article.

Don’t know what keyword to use at all?

Doing keyword research can be tricky sometimes as you don’t always know what exact keyword to be using at all. Well you don’t need to worry about that either cause Jaaxy has a powerful tool called Alphabet Soup which basically gives you the ability to get more insights on any word that you enter.

I believe that showing you how this work is going to be much easier.

Let’s say I want to be selling products related to football but don’t know what keywords to target. Then the first thing I’m going to be doing is searching “football sell”.


jaaxy alphabet soup

You can easily use the slider to get more insights by simply moving the slider that you can see on the top left on the screen.

Here are a few more results.


jaaxy alphabet soup

jaaxy alphabet soup


So now with this, I have got more ideas related to the keywords that I could be using and I can perform search on this so that I can see all the details about it’s average monthly searches and the competition score it has.

Another thing you should be wary about when selecting a keyword is that it should make proper sense. If it doesn’t make proper sense then that is not what most people will be searching for and that will be lost traffic for you.

Let me search on “sell football cards” to see more information this.


jaaxy keyword


From the search performed, we can see that “sell football cards” has

Average: 75 monthly searches

QSR: 28 ( Other Competing Pages)

SEO: 96 ( Ranges from 1-100, 100 being the best)

With this information, we can quickly get started on writing our article related to this exact keyword. So it should only be matter of time before your page gets indexed in Google.


Want to keep track of your Site Rank?

If you are constantly wondering if your site has been ranked in Google under a certain keyword then look no further as Jaaxy has covered in that as well.

Jaaxy’s SiteRank feature helps you get track of your posts and will notify you when your site does get ranked in Google. So that means less stress and wondering for you on whether your site has been ranked in the first page of Google.


jaaxy siterank


So, with the help of all these powerful tools that Jaaxy provides. You should have a clear idea of how useful it can be to use. So stop wondering and starting taking action on getting your article ranked in Google.


If you enjoyed this post, then do make sure to check about my Jaaxy Review. Where I talk about all that Jaaxy has to offer.

I hope this article was insightful to you and gave you a good overview on Jaaxy and all that it has to offer.


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