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Jaaxy – Best Keyword Research Tool Review

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If you are looking forward to having the best SEO tool and the best keyword research tool that will give you an unfair advantage when it comes to researching keywords and making sure that your page is ranked in the first page of Google then Jaaxy is the right tool for you.

Product Overview & Ranking

Name: Jaaxy

Owner: Kyle


Price: Free Trial (30 searches), $49 /Month (Pro), $99 /Month (Enterprise)

Overall Rank: 9.8 out of 10.0


Is Jaaxy a SCAM or LEGIT

Jaaxy is a really powerful research tools which can really help improve upon your research potential and make it real fun to find the perfect keywords for you. If you really want to know whether or not this a scam. You have to give it a try yourself and see the results for yourself.

It is free to join after all so don’t hesitate and make a free search from over here and really see how you feel about Jaaxy. I promise you will be pleased.


What I like about Jaaxy

  •  Really easy to use

Jaaxy is a really easy and fun to use tool which can make researching keywords a very fun task.

  • No Software Installation required

Jaaxy works right off the bat without the need for you to download any unwanted software on to your PC.

  •  Help find really good keywords for your advertising campaigns and your articles

Having a good keyword for your campaign can be necessary to ensure more clicks on your content.

  • Helps determine competition

The number one feature that I like about Jaaxy is how it shows you the competition on that particular keyword which can be used to determine where you rank in the search page. Choosing a high competition can be really hard to get you ranked in the first page because there are 100’s of pages that are like that which makes for a tough competition.

  • Good Support

Jaaxy has a good support portal from which you get almost instant answers showing just how good their customer support is and that they care about their customer.

  • Mobile Friendly

Nowadays as more people browse the web through their mobile phone. It has become a rather important thing for a website to be mobile friendly and Jaaxy does that really good, which is providing you with a really good user interface through which you can do the research directly from your mobile phone which can be really convincing for most people.

  • Super Accurate Data

    A data that is not accurate might as well be of no use at all. So Jaaxy makes sure that they have the most relevant and accurate data.

What I don’t like about Jaaxy

  • No option on choosing the language being used by the searcher
  • For people starting out, the lowest cost can seem like much.
  • Some of the features aren’t really used as much.


jaaxy pricing

So, there are 3 plans:

1. Starter – With this, you get 30 keyword searches every month.

2. Pro – You get unlimited keyword searches, get more tracking feature such as Site Rank which determines where your page is located on the search engine. You get around 2000 SiteRank.

3. Enterprise – This is where you will really see the fastest speed when doing keyword research, for instance it gives instant results, you can do 5 times more multi threaded search and you can get insights to different suggested keywords and the search results are now 35 and you get 10,000 SiteRank scans.


Final Thoughts on Jaaxy

So, if you really are serious about doing proper keyword research and really want to be ranked in the first page of Google then you should make sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to keyword researching and seeing the competition because that is exactly what will determine your page location.

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jaaxy discount price

Your Success Starts With YOU

So what are you waiting for? The more you delay NOW, the more you will be delaying your success.

So, take action NOW and get started on creating that perfect keyword which will really help you get to the top of the search rankings.

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