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Wealthy Affiliate’s Review – Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing For 2019

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Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview & Ranking

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 9.6 out of 10.0

Support: 10.0 out of 10.0

Website Builder: 9.8 out of 10.0

WordPress Hosting: 9.6 out of 10.0

Research Tools: 9.2 out of 10.0

Success Stories: 9.0 out of 10.0

Price: For a Starter Membership (Free), For a Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/year) Rating: 9.6 out of 10.0



What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is one of the most popular online training platform and community that has helped millions of people learn about affiliate marketing and has made them successful. Kyle and Carson started WA back in 2005. They have now developed Wealthy Affiliate into a huge community of more than 1.5 million marketers and entrepreneurs.

WA is not a get rich scheme or an easy system to becoming rich. It is an online business community and marketing training center which teaches you to build a successful online business. If you think that you can get started making money as soon you join. I would suggest that WA is definitely not for you cause it definitely won’t happen in a matter of days or overnight.

You can visit the Wealthy Affiliate Site  to learn a great more deal about what the Wealthy Affiliate community is all about.

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform which helps you get started on building your own online business. It also has a really helpful community that is there to help you along your journey. It teaches you on how to sell and promote other people’s products as that’s what being an affiliate is all about. If you want to learn those things, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just that. Which is promoting products online and making sells from which you can earn a commission.

Even if you have absolutely no idea regarding affiliate marketing or don’t even know how you can really get started then WA ( Wealthy Affiliate ) is the right place for you. With Wealthy Affiliate you will be getting all the training and help you would need and you can start seeing results as you build upon the training which is provided.



Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam OR LEGIT?

WA certainly doesn’t use those fancy get rich schemes that most of the scam companies claim such as “get rich in minutes” or “earn $1000 a day easily”. So they don’t offer  any false promises and false hype to you and doesn’t promise to make you rich overnight but it does train, educate and support you if you are willing to start a successful online business. If this is indeed you then keep reading to find out more about this program.

So , there’s definitely a lot to learn in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. From building your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to finding the right niche for you and helping you research contents to write on the niche. Wealthy Affiliate really does give you the blueprint to get you started in the affiliate market but in the end it’s up to you to put in the time and effort in order to be successful.

Check out these stories if you are still not convinced.


wealthy affiliate success story one


wealthy affiliate success story two



wealthy affiliate success story three


So, these are some of the people that have had a really good results with the help of the WA Training.

Make sure to read till the end of the article where I will be giving away BONUSES for those who are really dedicated onto building a successful business online.


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Features Offered In The WA Program

The access you can get with the free membership:

  •   Instantly access over 500 training modules
  •   free hosting for 2 websites
  •   Access to 3 classrooms
  •   for the first 7 days get live support from the owners and support from many experts inside Wealthy Affiliate!
  •   30 keyword searches a month on Jaaxy
  • Learn how to build an authority website during the 1st phase of the Boot camp course.


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The access you get with the Premium membership: 

  •     Live Video Classes
  •     Instantly access more than 500 training modules
  •     Unlimited free websites along with free hosting
  •     Website Backup and Website Security Package
  •     Get access to all 12 classrooms
  •     Unlimited Live support from the owners and support from many experts inside Wealthy Affiliate!
  •     Unlimited keyword searches on Jaaxy
  •     Unlocked all phases of the Boot camp course
  •    2x as much commissions
  •    DM (Direct Messaging) and support from me when needed
  •    … and so much more!




wealthy affiliate pricing



WHAT I LOVE About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Comes with a starter membership to give you a taste of all the things  that you can do with WA.
  • Constantly updated training and $1000 worth webinars are provided for free and released every week and month.
  • Lots of training and access to other members who have been successful with the program.
  • All in one solution – website hosting comes with affiliate training.



WHAT IS BAD About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Monthly costs can add up
  • It can be difficult to get overwhelmed at first with all the information provided
  • Doesn’t talk in depth about website building process
  • Website comments feature isn’t always as helpful


Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Free Membership – it doesn’t cost anything and isn’t even a trial so you can continue using the free membership until you think you are ready to go premium or if you have any doubts when starting up, you may choose to register under a free membership to see all that the program has to offer.

You can in fact sign up right now.

Premium Membership – The Premium Membership will cost you $49 per month or $359 per year.With the premium membership comes all the features that WA has to offer. When you go premium you get direct access to many webinars directly.  See all the benefits of going premium here.



At the end of the day though, it all depends on the amount of effort that you decide to put in and if you don’t put in any efforts at all, especially when you don’t see the result that you maybe looking for.

No one else will do it for you and if you don’t focus on your passion then it will be you who suffers because of not doing so.

On the other side, you can also look at the bigger picture and see yourself make it, you will be enjoying the fruit of your labors in a bigger way than you can imagine.

You can also literally make a full time passive income with this business, and if you do decide to put in your full effort then you will be able to think of different ways to monetize your niche in more ways than you ever thought was possible.

So, what are you waiting for, the more you delay NOW, the more you are going to be delaying your greatness and your success.



My Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate AND SPECIAL BONUS

So I hope you find my Wealthy Affiliate review to be helpful as I did put a lot of effort into finding and thinking about all the things  that people may like about this program. Feel free to leave behind any comments if you have any and I would really try to answer that as soon as I can.

To be frank, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform I have ever seen to get the training and all the tools that one can definitely need  to find success. So if you are deciding to give wealthy affiliates a try, why not see what it has to offer using it’s free membership cause it’s definitely worth a try if you are serious about growing an online business and really go on your journey to start making a passive income online.


Thank you for making it through to the end of this article. Since you made it all the way through here, I have no doubt in my mind that you can get things done when you get started on it. So, I will offering you following bonus if you decide to go premium in the first 7 days.

  • You are going to get a 61% discount on your first month Premium membership ( only $19)
  • Live support from me. You can direct message me and I will reply directly to you regarding any issues that you face along your journey.
  • I will personally be there for you along your journey to help you get started on your online business. ( It includes my 5 years of experience with affiliate marketing)
  • “definite guide to affiliate marketing” e-book on how to get started online ( Direct Message me after joining and I will send you this e-book for free )


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14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate’s Review – Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing For 2019

  1. Hi Madhav, great review on Wealthy Affiliate. WA is one of the productive online training platforms. It has really helped and still helping lots of folks to become financially stable including me. One good thing I love about WA is the ability to get started on the free starter program for the period of seven days, the awesome community and tools that help one in building a successful online business. WA is 100% legit. Thanks for your review. –0g�}u�

    1. It most certainly has my friend and I think we could really discover our potential of marketing online with Wealthy Affiliate cause it most certainly has changed my perspective of digital marketing.

  2. I also love the Wealthy Affiliate program. And I totally agree with your views on the Wealthy Affiliate program. 

    The lessons you get from Wealthy Affiliate can help save way for true financial freedom. With also the Wealthy Affiliate community, you’re sure to get good advise and support whenever you get stucked.

    Just a quick question though, how long does it take for you to begin monetizing your training?

    Anticipating your response, warm regards

    1. Hello Louis, Thanks for commenting, you can get started on monetizing your contents as you are progressing on your training as it is a kind of learn and earn platform so don’t worry, you will be making money as you take the training.

  3. A very informative review about affiliate marketing.

    Clearly written and it gives the reader all the details required to help them decide if this company is right for them.

    The cost looks reasonable and value for money.

    Is there on going training and guidance through out the whole process of building websites and online business’s?

    1. Thank you Louise for commenting, there is actually an entire bootcamp separated for training and guidance and you get to get get started with the first bootcamp for free which is pretty awesome .

  4. I have a bit experience of making money online by selling things in online shop, but this is become tedious and takes a lot of my time. Passive income is what I want, and after asking some friends, I’ve stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I tried to check as many reviews as possible, including yours, and I feel that this is indeed a very good platform to learn about passive income. Do you know how long can I expect to start earning money after joining Wealthy Affiliate? That will be helpful for me to make decision. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for commenting, I think the most important thing you should focus on is writing really quality content cause if you focus on when you are going to get paid, you may really burn down from that strain and stress everyday. You could start earning in days, whereas for some it might take weeks or months to see results. So, what you should really be doing is focusing on how you can improve your content and see if you are providing a real value to the online community.

  5. Thanks for taking your time to write this article on wealthy affiliate program and all it has to offer,i know many will find this article useful in there research and findings on how to make money online legitimately 

    the is no place like wealthy affiliate when it come to when it comes to opportunities and training online on how to make be successful through online affiliate marketing and I always tell people I introduce,it is not a get rich quick scheme.thanks

    1. Thank you my friend and I couldn’t really argue over any other platform being like Wealthy Affiliate, it most certainly is a go to place for people that are serious about starting an online business or getting started into affiliate marketing.

  6. Thanks Madhav for taking the time to write this lovely piece. Indeed you have provided a honest review of Wealthy Affiliates. The challenge is a lot of people outside there are looking for get rich quick program which WA is not, WA is 100 percent legit but demands hardwork, and patience before anyone can start making money. I actually like most people hesitated in joining WA but after a while, I joined and today, I’m enjoying it.Great piece

    1. Yeah, Most people just want to get rich overnight, imagine if that was possible, you would either have to win the lottery or inherit a large sum of money for that to be possible but the truth of that matter is that they is a really, really small chance of that happening so, so what could really be done is that you could just focus on learning how the digital marketing works and being involved in this as there are people making millions out of this.

  7. Hi Madhav,

    After reading your article, I have no doubt and same opinion about wealthy affiliate training platform. I have already joined this as a premium member and started learning different training program. However, I am also earning some cash by doing comment offer while I am learning. So I believe this is great platform for best on line learning and earning opportunity. But I have a little bit concern about community credit. I have found that some time I do not get cash credit only get community credit which is a question mark for me. Thanks for sharing this informative review about the wealthy affiliate program.

    1. Thanks for commenting, I think you should really focus on trying to improve your contents with WA training platforms instead of giving much emphasis on the site comments features but having said that it is still a good way to go and I am not exactly sure as to what your exact problem might be.

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